CESM2 Known Issues

CESM2 Known Issues


All CESM2 known issues, including descriptions, github issue links, and work-arounds, are listed under the DiscussCESM forum Known Issues. Known issues related to the CMIP6 code base and data archive are discussed in the dedicated CMIP6 Known Issues forum. CESM users are encouraged to participate in the DiscussCESM Forums as a registered user in order to receive notifications regarding fixes as well as posting their own questions to the community.

Guidelines for posting questions to the DiscussCESM Forums

For CESM end users. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Please post your question under the most appropriate forum topic. There are many topics so be sure to scroll through all the forums until you find the one most closely associated with your question.
  • When posting a new question, please include the CESM version, machine, and any other platform specific information.
  • Please include any error messages or log file attachments to the post.
  • Please be sure to subscribe to the approprate forums of interest in order to receive automated notifications. Login to the forums, click on "My Account", click on "Subscriptions", click on "Categories" and select the forums of interest and the notification frequency.

Guidelines for posting new topics to the DiscussCESM Forums

For CESM developers and software engineers posting topics to the Known Issues forums:

  • Please include a list of affected CESM versions.
  • Please include a detailed description of the known issue and the potential consequences.
  • Please include detailed work-around instructions, if available.
  • Once a fix to the issue has been included in the code base, update the forum post with a CESM release version or other software update information..