LENS | Instructions for Reproducing

CESM CODE TAG: CSEG created a special tag for the Large Ensemble Project supported only on NCAR's yellowstone and cheyenne systems.

This tag contains compsets for 20th century ("B20TRLENS"), RCP8.5 ("BRCP85LENS") and 1850 ("B1850LENS"). As this is a special tag the CESM Support Policy does not apply to this particular version of the model code. Support for the community is limited to access to the data sets.

Run startup details: The first 20th Century simulation is a hybrid run with out-of-the-box initial conditions from 0402-01-01 of b.e11.B1850C5CN.f09_g16.005. Initial conditions: Atmospheric conditions varied using round off error introduced through the CAM namelist, OCN/ICE/CLM are held constant.