Chemistry Climate

CCWG Development Activities

Development Priorities for the Near Future and Release Information:

Topics of Development and Research

  • Understand chemistry differences between CAM4/BAM and CAM5/MAM
  • Bring ammonium nitrate in MAM (MAM3 or MAM4)
  • Integrate diagnostics from AeroCOM into released version
  • Start testing online photolysis (SciDAC proposal)


ChemClim Development Plan (from Breckenridge meeting 2012)

Top Priority

  • Update to MEGAN/include maps when possible (in the release version)
  • Improvements to the dry deposition (Thanks to Maria Val Martin!)
  • Coupling chemistry with MAM and CAM5 physics (in the release version)
  • SE/FV dynamical core comparison: on-going tracer tests based on SD configuration kPP mechanism Box Model or SCAM w/ chemistry


Medium Priority

  • Update SOA mechanism: Colette Heald’s SOA in the release version (additional work by K. Barsanti)
  • Implementation of FAST-J photolysis rate computation (DOE funding: M. Prather/P. Cameron-Smith)
  • Conversion of preprocessor to KPP?
  • Vertical resolution and model top?
  • WACCM lite?


Low Priority

  • Coarse resolution? FV



  • Tools for model result differencing Benchmark numbers: methyl chloroform lifetime, ozone budget terms, methane lifetime, mass-weighted tropospheric OH, lightning NOx, sf(co/nox/isoprene)