Chemistry Climate

CCWG Priorities

Near-term plans

Spring 2013

Short-Term (1 year) Model Development Priorities

  1. MAM improvements
    1. Release prescribed aerosol capability
    2. Increase black carbon and aerosol absorption optical depth (MAM4 and scavenging mods)
    3. Speciate dust for optics, ice nucleation, and fertilization
    4. Add nitrate aerosol to MAM
    5. Finalize coupling of atmospheric chemistry to MAM
    6. Extend MAM to explosive volcanic emissions
    7. Implement tagging of aerosol emission sectors and regions of origin
  2. Coupling with CLM
    1. Couple fire emissions from land model to atmosphere
    2. Finalize MEGAN implementation of biogenic emissions
  3. Secondary-organic aerosols
    1. Update SOA mechanism
    2. Introduce VBS capability
  4. Others
    1. Implementation of FAST-J
    2. Implementation of bin-resolved scheme from LLNL
    3. Explore vertical resolution and vertical extent (WACCM lite?)


Short-term (1 year) Production priorities

      1. CAM5-chem testing
      2. High-resolution (0.25-degree SE)
      3. Climate impacts of regional aerosol emissions
      4. CCMI simulations (free running and specified dynamics)