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CVDP | Climate Variability Diagnostics Package

The Climate Variability Diagnostics Package (CVDP) developed by NCAR's Climate Analysis Section provides quick-look plots of the major modes of climate variability in models and observations. These modes include ENSO, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation, Northern and Southern Annular Modes, North Atlantic Oscillation, Pacific North and South American teleconnection patterns, as well as global trend maps and index time series. A unique feature of the CVDP is the ability to specify both CESM and non-CESM models (for example those in the CMIP archives) for comparison, as well as the ability to choose particular observational data sets and time periods for analysis. Other unique features of the CVDP include the ability to run the package on numerous simulations at once, as well as the option to output calculated results to NetCDF files for further analysis. Output (images and NetCDF files) from numerous CESM and CMIP3/CMIP5 comparisons are available from the CVDP Data Repository.

The CVDP package creates various web pages that allow easy viewing of the diagnostic plots. Three examples of CVDP output are given below; others may be found in the CVDP Data Repository

-- CSM - CCSM - CESM Control Run Intercomparison
-- CMIP5 Historical Run Intercomparison 1900-2005
-- CESM1 Large Ensemble Intercomparison 1920-2012
-- CESM1 Last Millenium Ensemble Intercomparison

Note that non-CESM model data from other institutions can be used in the CVDP as long as the files meet CMIP5 Model Output Format and Metadata Requirements.

To download the CVDP software package please refer to the Code page.

When presenting results from the CVDP in either oral or written form, please acknowledge the NCAR Climate Analysis Section's Climate Variability Diagnostics Package. An overview paper of the CVDP can also be cited:

Phillips, A. S., C. Deser, and J. Fasullo, 2014: A New Tool for Evaluating Modes of Variability in Climate Models. EOS, 95, 453-455, doi: 10.1002/2014EO490002.

CVDP collaborators: Adam Phillips, Clara Deser, John Fasullo, Steve Yeager, Dennis Shea, Rick Brownrigg as well as other members of NCAR's Climate Analysis Section.

For more information on observational datasets and climate indices, see the Climate Data Guide.

Development of the CVDP was funded in part by NOAA grant #NA12OAR4310087.