CN Nitrogen

CESM1.0 Paleo Toolkit | CN Nitrogen Deposition

Contact Nan Rosenbloom or Christine Shields for a tar file of the scripts described on this page.

FOR USE WHEN using CN model (within CLM) ONLY

for reference, release tools dealing w/nitrogen deposition are found
in .../models/lnd/clm/tools/ncl_scripts

default modern file:
stream_fldfilename_ndep =

approximate default file by making it a timeseries for potential transient runs, however,
only really need one timeslice for equilibrium runs

template script for paleo users: ccsm4_nitdep.ncl
requires a) template nitdep file (use default modern above)
         b) landfrac file for modern
         c) topography (or landfrac) file for paleo

script comments:
originally written for PT (pangean style continent, symmetric about equator, assuming little dep at poles)
only use as TEMPLATE
computes first guess using 1850 zonal averages, distingusing btwn land and ocean points.