Surface Dataset

mkmapgrids ---------------------- cesm1_2 tool

step 1: -- make SCRIPgrid : mkmapgrids

Use ncl script to create SCRIP grid files with paleo land/sea mask, at 2x2 degree. this
creates a SCRIPgrid file for the 2x2 rawdata files with the landmask/ocean.

(release code: /glade/p/cesm/palwg/cesm1_2_0/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapgrids
Discovered bug in mkscripgrid.ncl

bug: lat/lon were in wrong order. 
Fix: reverse order of lat/lon

srcdir: /cesm1_2/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapgrids
src: mkscripgrid_paleo.ncl                          !! mkscripgrid.ncl; Includes BUG FIX
in:                     !! paleo_mkraw_cesm1; land mask, edges, centers
out: SCRIPgrid_myRun_{RESOLUTION}.nc

usage: ncl mkscripgrid_paleo.ncl

mkmapdata ------------------ NOTE:  BATCH JOB ---- cesm1_2 tool

step 2: -- make SCRIPmaps : mkmapdata

Now map the SCRIPgrid file to the CESM land grid.
We use a generic SCRIP land grid because its mask == 1 everywhere.

srcdir: /cesm1_2_0/models/lnd/clm/tools/shared/mkmapdata

  • Copy to mkmapdata_{mycase}.sh
  • Edit mkmapdata_{mycase}.sh (Search for "Change me")
    • grids_ID (e.g., 2x2_PT)
    • INGRID (e.g., from mkmapgrid)
  • Edit to point to mkmapdata_{mycase}.sh

    • mycase = "mkmapdata_{mycase}.sh"

in1: SCRIPgrid_myRun_{RESOLUTION}.nc
in2: /inputdata/lnd/clm2/mappingdata/grids/    !! generic
out: SCRIPmapping_myGrid_to_landGrid{RESOLUTION}.nc           !! used by mksurfdata_map

usage: bsub <                  !! calls mkmapdata_{mycase}.sh


*BUG:  batch submission may not be automatic

The variable $LSF_PJL_TYPE should be set automatically to give the batch directive. If it is not set, the run will not submit in batch mode as required.  Workaround:  manually add the -b flag.


mksurfdata ---------------------- cesm1_2 tool

Step 3 : create new surface dataset:

srcDir: /cesm1_2/models/lnd/clm/tools/clm4_0/mksurfdata_map
Step 3a: cp mksurfdata_map.namelist mksurfdata_map.namelist.{myrun}

step 3b: modify mksurfdata_map.namelist.{myrun} for your simulation
Step 3c: Run mksurfdata_map

> usage: ./mksurfdata_map < mksurfdata_map.namelist.myRun