CESM1 Paleo Users Guide


 Set urban waste_heat to off:  

Default:    urban_hac              = 'ON_WASTEHEAT'

paleo:      urban_hac              = 'OFF'

Set pct_urban to 0 in your mksrf_urban file.

tool:  create_mksrf_urban.ncl


  • overflows (gokhan, bruce briegleb)
  • ocn region masks (keeping at least 1 active cell)
  • land/ocn decisions (new ocn needs to be inialized for T/S)
  • closed basins, narrow channels - go to literature for time period.
  • specialized physics in ocean model that apply only to PD
  • Banda Sea - veolocites are changed over lat/lon grid box
  • talk to Steve Yeager, Gokhan
  • tidal mixing - turn off for deep time; increase to 6 levels for debugging
  • Ross Ice s Shelf (not hardwired in CESM1.2)
  • Mediterranean sea
  • urban set to 0.0
  • compset


2) for continue runs, ocn pop2_in needs to specify "ccsm_continue" to recognize the
restart file name for the init_ts_option in the pop namelst. this is important for
folks using anything other than the standard setting fir init_ts_option for the
initial run.  (i.e. deep time typically uses "mean"; default is "ccsm_$runtype")

update mar 04 2011

3) ** see atm/README.aerosols for procedure

4) ocean modern hardwire:  vmix_kpp.F90  Banda Sea diffusitivity, however,
   only for lhoriz_varying_bckgrnd = .true.;  for deep time, this is false.
   bckgrnd_vdc_ban (set in namelist)

   other ocean hardwires: overflows (tidal mixing), both turn off for deep time
   unless change.  if rotate the grid, will need to check western boundary
   anisotropic viscosity to make sure still on western boundary. i.e. *.pop.hv. file.



  • POP2
    • diagnostics.F90 : 5 diagnostic locations are hardcoded (diagnostics.F90).  If these points fall over land they cause the model to fail.
    • POP2 expects big_endian files : region_mask, topography (kmt), grid
    • Affects mk_grid.csh, mk_ocninput.csh (region_mask)
  • CLM4.0: 
    • runoff is hardcoded to 0.5x0.5 degree
    • urban waste_heat
  • popLatLon hardwired to syntax that no longer matches what cesm1.2 mapping tools produce:
    • popLatLon:  map_gx1pt_to_fv19_25_bilin_da_130925.nc
    • CESM1.2:  /glade/p/cesm/palwg/cesm1_2_0/tools/mapping/gen_mapping_files/gen_cesm_maps.sh
      • map_gx1pt_TO_fv19_25_blin.130925.nc