CESM1 Paleo Users Guide

Near-modern CESM1.0

In near-modern climate simulations, the continents are in their present-day positions, and the land/sea masks do not require significant modification. Quaternary modelers are often able to use existing forcing files and initial files from the pre-industrial control compset (e.g., B_1850_CN/B1850CN).  This compset configures a simulation with all active components, 1850 pre-industrial forcings, with active carbon-nitrogen forcing in the CLM land model.

We outline the changes required for Quaternary modelers to add continental ice sheets over North America and hints for lowering global sea level.

Common Forcing changes:

Forcing Component namelist
solar constant user_nl_cam
GHG (CO2, N2O, CH4) user_nl_cam
orbital parameters user_nl_cpl
surface dataset user_nl_clm