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This page contains the complete list of namelist variables available in CAM-4.0. They are grouped by categories designed to aid browsing. Clicking on the name of a variable will display descriptive information. If search terms are entered in the text box below, the list will be condensed to contain only matched variables.

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Control - Driver

Namelist Variable Type Group
aqua_planet logical seq_infodata_inparm
atm_adiabatic logical seq_infodata_inparm
atm_ideal_phys logical seq_infodata_inparm
atm_logfile char*256 camexp
atm_logfile_diro char*256 camexp
atm_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
atm_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
atm_pestride integer ccsm_pes
atm_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
bfbflag logical seq_infodata_inparm
brnch_retain_casename logical seq_infodata_inparm
budget_ann integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_daily integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_inst integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_ltann integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_ltend integer seq_infodata_inparm
budget_month integer seq_infodata_inparm
case_desc char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
case_name char*80 seq_infodata_inparm
cpl_cdf64 logical seq_infodata_inparm
cpl_logfile char*256 camexp
cpl_logfile_diro char*256 camexp
cpl_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
cpl_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
cpl_pestride integer ccsm_pes
cpl_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
do_budgets logical seq_infodata_inparm
drv_threading logical seq_infodata_inparm
flux_albav logical seq_infodata_inparm
flux_epbal char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
hostname char*80 seq_infodata_inparm
ice_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
ice_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
ice_pestride integer ccsm_pes
ice_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
info_debug integer seq_infodata_inparm
lnd_logfile char*256 camexp
lnd_logfile_diro char*256 camexp
lnd_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
lnd_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
lnd_pestride integer ccsm_pes
lnd_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
logfilepostfix char*80 seq_infodata_inparm
model_version char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
ocean_tight_coupling logical seq_infodata_inparm
ocn_ntasks integer ccsm_pes
ocn_nthreads integer ccsm_pes
ocn_pestride integer ccsm_pes
ocn_rootpe integer ccsm_pes
orb_eccen real seq_infodata_inparm
orb_iyear_ad integer seq_infodata_inparm
orb_mvelp real seq_infodata_inparm
orb_obliq real seq_infodata_inparm
outpathroot char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
restart_file char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
restart_file_override char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
restart_pfile char*256 seq_infodata_inparm
samegrid logical seq_infodata_inparm
start_type char*8 seq_infodata_inparm
username char*80 seq_infodata_inparm

Control - Time Manager

Namelist Variable Type Group
atm_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
atm_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
calendar char*80 seq_timemgr_inparm
dtime real cam_inparm
end_restart logical seq_timemgr_inparm
ice_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ice_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
lnd_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
lnd_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ocn_cpl_dt integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ocn_cpl_offset integer seq_timemgr_inparm
perpetual logical seq_infodata_inparm
perpetual_ymd integer seq_infodata_inparm
ref_tod integer seq_timemgr_inparm
ref_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
restart_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
restart_option char*8 seq_timemgr_inparm
start_tod integer seq_timemgr_inparm
start_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_n integer seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_option char*8 seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_tod integer seq_timemgr_inparm
stop_ymd integer seq_timemgr_inparm

Initial Conditions

Namelist Variable Type Group
ncdata char*256 cam_inparm
pertlim real cam_inparm
readtrace logical cam_inparm

Restart (Continuation and Branch) Runs

Namelist Variable Type Group
cam_branch_file char*256 cam_inparm
csim_branch_file char*256 csim_inparm
dom_branch_file char*256 dom_inparm

History and Initial Conditions Output

Namelist Variable Type Group
avgflag_pertape char*1(6) cam_inparm
empty_htapes logical cam_inparm
fexcl1 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fexcl2 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fexcl3 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fexcl4 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fexcl5 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fexcl6 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fhstpr1 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fhstpr2 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fhstpr3 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fhstpr4 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fhstpr5 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fhstpr6 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fincl1 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fincl1lonlat char*128(10000) cam_inparm
fincl2 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fincl2lonlat char*128(10000) cam_inparm
fincl3 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fincl3lonlat char*128(10000) cam_inparm
fincl4 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fincl4lonlat char*128(10000) cam_inparm
fincl5 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fincl5lonlat char*128(10000) cam_inparm
fincl6 char*16(10000) cam_inparm
fincl6lonlat char*128(10000) cam_inparm
fwrtpr1 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fwrtpr2 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fwrtpr3 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fwrtpr4 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fwrtpr5 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
fwrtpr6 char*18(10000) cam_inparm
hfilename_spec char*256(6) cam_inparm
inithist char*8 cam_inparm
inithist_all logical cam_inparm
mfilt integer(6) cam_inparm
ndens integer(6) cam_inparm
nhstpr integer(6) cam_inparm
nhtfrq integer(6) cam_inparm
use_64bit_nc logical cam_inparm


Namelist Variable Type Group
diag_cnst_conv_tend char*8 cam_inparm
do_circulation_diags logical circ_diag_nl

Diagnostics - ISCPP Cloud Simulator

Namelist Variable Type Group
doisccp logical cam_inparm
isccpdata char*256 cam_inparm

Diagnostics - Test Tracers

Namelist Variable Type Group
aoa_read_from_ic_file logical aoa_tracers_nl
aoa_tracers_flag logical aoa_tracers_nl
tracers_flag logical cam_inparm

Boundary Datasets - Topography

Namelist Variable Type Group
bnd_topo char*256 cam_inparm

Boundary Datasets - CAM-DOM

Namelist Variable Type Group
bndtvs char*256 camexp
focndomain char*256 camexp
sstcyc logical camexp

Boundary Datasets - Tropopause

Namelist Variable Type Group
tropopause_climo_file char*256 tropopause_nl

Dynamics - Finite Volume

Namelist Variable Type Group
ct_overlap integer cam_inparm
del2coef real cam_inparm
div24del2flag integer cam_inparm
fft_flt integer cam_inparm
filtcw integer cam_inparm
force_2d integer cam_inparm
geopkblocks integer cam_inparm
geopktrans integer cam_inparm
iord integer cam_inparm
jord integer cam_inparm
kord integer cam_inparm
modc_hs_cdcore logical cam_inparm
modc_hs_dynrun logical cam_inparm
modc_hs_gather logical cam_inparm
modc_hs_scatter logical cam_inparm
modc_hs_tracer logical cam_inparm
modc_mxreq_cdcore integer cam_inparm
modc_mxreq_dynrun integer cam_inparm
modc_mxreq_gather integer cam_inparm
modc_mxreq_scatter integer cam_inparm
modc_mxreq_tracer integer cam_inparm
modc_onetwo integer cam_inparm
modc_send_cdcore logical cam_inparm
modc_send_dynrun logical cam_inparm
modc_send_gather logical cam_inparm
modc_send_scatter logical cam_inparm
modc_send_tracer logical cam_inparm
modc_sw_cdcore integer cam_inparm
modc_sw_dynrun integer cam_inparm
modc_sw_gather integer cam_inparm
modc_sw_scatter integer cam_inparm
modc_sw_tracer integer cam_inparm
modc_tracers integer cam_inparm
modcomm_gatscat integer cam_inparm
modcomm_geopk integer cam_inparm
modcomm_transpose integer cam_inparm
npr_yz integer(4) cam_inparm
nsplit integer cam_inparm
nspltrac integer cam_inparm
trac_decomp integer cam_inparm

Dynamics - Finite Volume - Offline mode

Namelist Variable Type Group
met_cell_wall_winds logical cam_inparm
met_data_file char*256 cam_inparm
met_filenames_list char*256 cam_inparm
met_fix_mass logical cam_inparm
met_max_rlx real cam_inparm
met_qflx_factor real cam_inparm
met_qflx_name char*16 cam_inparm
met_remove_file logical cam_inparm
met_rlx_bot real cam_inparm
met_rlx_top real cam_inparm
met_shflx_factor real cam_inparm
met_shflx_name char*16 cam_inparm

Dynamics - Spectral

Namelist Variable Type Group
dif2 real cam_inparm
dif4 real cam_inparm
divdampn real cam_inparm
dyn_allgather integer cam_inparm
dyn_alltoall integer cam_inparm
dyn_equi_by_col logical cam_inparm
dyn_npes integer cam_inparm
dyn_npes_stride integer cam_inparm
eps real cam_inparm
kmxhdc integer cam_inparm

Dynamics - HOMME

Namelist Variable Type Group
energy_fixer integer ctl_nl
filter_freq integer filter_nl
homme_ne integer ctl_nl
homme_nsplit integer ctl_nl
homme_nthreads integer ctl_nl
homme_partmethod integer ctl_nl
homme_topology char*80 ctl_nl
hypervis_order integer ctl_nl
integration char*80 ctl_nl
nu real ctl_nl
nu_q real ctl_nl
nu_top real ctl_nl
smooth real ctl_nl
statefreq integer ctl_nl

Physics - Dry Convective Adjustment

Namelist Variable Type Group
nlvdry integer cam_inparm

Physics - Moist Convection and Microphysics

Namelist Variable Type Group
deep_scheme char*16 phys_ctl_nl
microp_scheme char*16 phys_ctl_nl
shallow_scheme char*16 phys_ctl_nl

Physics - Cloud Fraction

Namelist Variable Type Group
cldfrc_freeze_dry logical cldfrc_nl
cldfrc_ice logical cldfrc_nl
cldfrc_rhminh real cldfrc_nl
cldfrc_rhminl real cldfrc_nl

Physics - Cloud Sedimentation

Namelist Variable Type Group
cldsed_ice_stokes_fac real cldsed_nl

Physics - Boundary Layer and Vertical Diffusion

Namelist Variable Type Group
do_tms logical phys_ctl_nl
eddy_scheme char*16 phys_ctl_nl
srf_flux_avg integer phys_ctl_nl
tms_orocnst real phys_ctl_nl

Physics - Radiation

Namelist Variable Type Group
absems_data char*256 cam_inparm
icecldoptics char*32 rad_cnst_nl
iceopticsfile char*256 rad_cnst_nl
irad_always integer cam_inparm
iradae integer cam_inparm
iradlw integer cam_inparm
iradsw integer cam_inparm
liqcldoptics char*32 rad_cnst_nl
liqopticsfile char*256 rad_cnst_nl
oldcldoptics logical rad_cnst_nl
rad_climate char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_data_histfile_num integer rad_cnst_nl
rad_data_output logical rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_1 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_10 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_2 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_3 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_4 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_5 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_6 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_7 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_8 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl
rad_diag_9 char*256(100) rad_cnst_nl

Physics - Gravity Wave Drag

Namelist Variable Type Group
fcrit2 real gw_drag_nl

Physics - Rayleigh Friction

Namelist Variable Type Group
rayk0 integer cam_inparm
raykrange real cam_inparm
raytau0 real cam_inparm

Physics - Solar Parameters

Namelist Variable Type Group
solar_const real solar_inparm
solar_data_file char*256 solar_inparm
solar_data_tod integer solar_inparm
solar_data_type char*8 solar_inparm
solar_data_ymd integer solar_inparm

Physics - Single Column Mode

Namelist Variable Type Group
iopfile char*128 cam_inparm
scm_crm_mode logical cam_inparm
scm_diurnal_avg logical cam_inparm
scm_iop_srf_prop logical cam_inparm
scm_relaxation logical cam_inparm
scmlat real seq_infodata_inparm
scmlon real seq_infodata_inparm
single_column logical seq_infodata_inparm

Chemistry - CAM-CHEM and WACCM

Namelist Variable Type Group
aer_drydep_list char*16(1000) chem_inparm
aer_wetdep_list char*16(1000) chem_inparm
aerodep_flx_datapath char*256 aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_file char*256 aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_filelist char*256 aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_rmfile logical aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_specifier char*16(100) aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_tod integer aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_type char*32 aerodep_flx_nl
aerodep_flx_ymd integer aerodep_flx_nl
airpl_emis_file char*256 chem_inparm
chem_freq integer chem_inparm
chem_rad_passive logical camexp
chlorine_loading_file char*256 chem_inparm
chlorine_loading_tod integer chem_inparm
chlorine_loading_type char*8 chem_inparm
chlorine_loading_ymd integer chem_inparm
clim_soilw_file char*256 chem_inparm
depvel_file char*256 chem_inparm
depvel_lnd_file char*256 chem_inparm
dust_emis_fact real aerosol_nl
exo_coldens_file char*256 chem_inparm
ext_frc_specifier char*256(1000) chem_inparm
ext_frc_tod integer chem_inparm
ext_frc_type char*32 chem_inparm
ext_frc_ymd integer chem_inparm
flbc_date integer chem_inparm
flbc_file char*256 chem_inparm
flbc_list char*16(1000) chem_inparm
flbc_type char*8 chem_inparm
flbc_yr_offset integer chem_inparm
fstrat_file char*256 chem_inparm
fstrat_list char*16(1000) chem_inparm
ipcc_aircraft_emis logical camexp
lght_landmask_file char*256 chem_inparm
lght_no_prd_factor real chem_inparm
linoz_data_file char*256 chem_inparm
linoz_data_filelist char*256 chem_inparm
linoz_data_path char*256 chem_inparm
linoz_data_rmfile logical chem_inparm
linoz_data_tod integer chem_inparm
linoz_data_type char*24 chem_inparm
linoz_data_ymd integer chem_inparm
no_xfac_ubc real chem_inparm
o2_xsect_file char*256 chem_inparm
prescribed_aero_datapath char*256 prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_file char*256 prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_filelist char*256 prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_rmfile logical prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_specifier char*16(100) prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_tod integer prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_type char*32 prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_aero_ymd integer prescribed_aero_nl
prescribed_ghg_datapath char*256 prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_file char*256 prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_filelist char*256 prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_rmfile logical prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_specifier char*16(100) prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_tod integer prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_type char*32 prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ghg_ymd integer prescribed_ghg_nl
prescribed_ozone_datapath char*256 prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_file char*256 prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_filelist char*256 prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_name char*16 prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_rmfile logical prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_tod integer prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_type char*32 prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_ozone_ymd integer prescribed_ozone_nl
prescribed_volcaero_datapath char*256 prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_file char*256 prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_filelist char*256 prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_name char*16 prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_rmfile logical prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_tod integer prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_type char*32 prescribed_volcaero_nl
prescribed_volcaero_ymd integer prescribed_volcaero_nl
rsf_file char*256 chem_inparm
sad_date integer chem_inparm
sad_file char*256 chem_inparm
sad_type char*16 chem_inparm
season_wes_file char*256 chem_inparm
soil_erod char*256 aerosol_nl
srf_emis_specifier char*256(1000) chem_inparm
srf_emis_tod integer chem_inparm
srf_emis_type char*32 chem_inparm
srf_emis_ymd integer chem_inparm
sulf_file char*256 chem_inparm
t_pert_ubc real chem_inparm
tgcm_ubc_data_type char*32 chem_inparm
tgcm_ubc_file char*256 chem_inparm
tgcm_ubc_tod integer chem_inparm
tgcm_ubc_ymd integer chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_datapath char*256 chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_file char*256 chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_filelist char*256 chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_rmfile logical chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_specifier char*256(100) chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_tod integer chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_type char*24 chem_inparm
tracer_cnst_ymd integer chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_datapath char*256 chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_file char*256 chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_filelist char*256 chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_rmfile logical chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_specifier char*256(100) chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_tod integer chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_type char*24 chem_inparm
tracer_srcs_ymd integer chem_inparm
tuv_xsect_file char*256 chem_inparm
use_cam_sulfchem logical chem_inparm
xactive_prates logical chem_inparm
xs_coef_file char*256 chem_inparm
xs_long_file char*256 chem_inparm
xs_short_file char*256 chem_inparm

Chemistry - Dry Deposition

Namelist Variable Type Group
drydep_list char*16(1000) drydep_inparm
drydep_method char*16 drydep_inparm

Chemistry - WACCM in Simple GHG Mode

Namelist Variable Type Group
cftgcm char*256 cam_inparm
h2orates char*256 chem_inparm

Chemistry - WACCM only

Namelist Variable Type Group
electron_file char*256 chem_inparm
euvac_file char*256 chem_inparm
euvacdat_file char*256 chem_inparm
photon_file char*256 chem_inparm
snoe_ubc_file char*256 chem_inparm
solar_parms_file char*256 chem_inparm
spe_data_file char*256 chem_inparm
spe_filenames_list char*256 chem_inparm
spe_remove_file logical chem_inparm
spe_restart logical chem_inparm
strat_aero_feedback logical chem_inparm

WACCM Physics

Namelist Variable Type Group
efield_hflux_file char*256 cam_inparm
efield_lflux_file char*256 cam_inparm
efield_wei96_file char*256 cam_inparm
gw_drag_file char*256 gw_drag_nl
itgcmcyc integer cam_inparm
nlte_use_mo logical cam_inparm
qbo_cyclic logical cam_inparm
qbo_forcing_file char*256 cam_inparm
qbo_use_forcing logical cam_inparm

Species - Ozone - Prescribed (CAM3 version)

Namelist Variable Type Group
bndtvo char*256 cam3_ozone_data_nl
cam3_ozone_data_on logical cam3_ozone_data_nl
ozncyc logical cam3_ozone_data_nl

Species - Greenhouse Gases - Prescribed (CAM version)

Namelist Variable Type Group
bndtvghg char*256 cam_inparm
ch4vmr real cam_inparm
co2vmr real cam_inparm
co2vmr_rad real cam_inparm
f11vmr real cam_inparm
f12vmr real cam_inparm
ghg_yearstart_data integer cam_inparm
ghg_yearstart_model integer cam_inparm
n2ovmr real cam_inparm
ramp_co2_annual_rate real cam_inparm
ramp_co2_cap real cam_inparm
ramp_co2_start_ymd integer cam_inparm
rampyear_ghg integer cam_inparm
scenario_ghg char*16 cam_inparm

Species - CO2 in Active Carbon Cycle (CCSM version)

Namelist Variable Type Group
co2_flag logical cam_inparm
co2_readflux_fuel logical cam_inparm
co2_readflux_ocn logical cam_inparm
co2flux_fuel_file char*256 cam_inparm
co2flux_ocn_file char*256 cam_inparm

Species - Aerosol - Prescribed (CAM3 version)

Namelist Variable Type Group
bndtvaer char*256 cam3_aero_data_nl
cam3_aero_data_on logical cam3_aero_data_nl

Debugging - Physics

Namelist Variable Type Group
phys_debug_lat real phys_debug_nl
phys_debug_lon real phys_debug_nl

Performance - Tuning and Profiling

Namelist Variable Type Group
fc_gather_flow_cntl integer cam_inparm
papi_ctr1_str char*16 papi_inparm
papi_ctr2_str char*16 papi_inparm
papi_ctr3_str char*16 papi_inparm
papi_ctr4_str char*16 papi_inparm
profile_barrier logical prof_inparm
profile_depth_limit integer prof_inparm
profile_detail_limit integer prof_inparm
profile_disable logical prof_inparm
profile_global_stats logical prof_inparm
profile_outpe_num integer prof_inparm
profile_outpe_stride integer prof_inparm
profile_papi_enable logical prof_inparm
profile_single_file logical prof_inparm
profile_timer integer prof_inparm
swap_comm_maxreq integer cam_inparm
swap_comm_protocol integer cam_inparm

Performance - Parallel I/O

Namelist Variable Type Group
cpl_io_numtasks integer pio_inparm
cpl_io_root integer pio_inparm
cpl_io_stride integer pio_inparm
cpl_io_typename char*80 pio_inparm
io_stride integer pio_ctl
iotype_name char*80 pio_ctl
num_iotasks integer pio_ctl

Performance - Dynamics-Physics Coupler

Namelist Variable Type Group
phys_alltoall integer cam_inparm
phys_chnk_per_thd integer cam_inparm
phys_loadbalance integer cam_inparm
phys_twin_algorithm integer cam_inparm

Utilities - Reproducible Distributed Sum Calculation

Namelist Variable Type Group
repro_sum_recompute logical cam_inparm
repro_sum_rel_diff_max real cam_inparm
repro_sum_use_ddpdd logical cam_inparm

Utilities - Physics Buffer

Namelist Variable Type Group
pbuf_global_allocate logical cam_inparm

CICE - AMIP variables

Namelist Variable Type Group
stream_year_first integer camexp
stream_year_last integer camexp

CAM Specific Surface Model - CSIM

Namelist Variable Type Group
ice_conschk_frq integer csim_inparm
prognostic_icesnow logical csim_inparm
reset_csim_iceprops logical csim_inparm


Namelist Variable Type Group
clump_pproc integer clm_inparm
co2_ppmv real clm_inparm
co2_type char*16 clm_inparm
create_crop_landunit logical clm_inparm
faerdep char*256 clm_inparm
fatmgrid char*256 clm_inparm
fatmlndfrc char*256 clm_inparm
fatmtopo char*256 clm_inparm
finidat char*256 clm_inparm
flndtopo char*256 clm_inparm
fndepdat char*256 clm_inparm
fndepdyn char*256 clm_inparm
fpftcon char*256 clm_inparm
fpftdyn char*256 clm_inparm
frivinp_rtm char*256 clm_inparm
fsnowaging char*256 clm_inparm
fsnowoptics char*256 clm_inparm
fsurdat char*256 clm_inparm
hist_avgflag_pertape char*1(6) clm_inparm
hist_crtinic char*8 clm_inparm
hist_dov2xy logical(6) clm_inparm
hist_empty_htapes logical clm_inparm
hist_fexcl1 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fexcl2 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fexcl3 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fexcl4 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fexcl5 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fexcl6 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fincl1 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fincl2 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fincl3 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fincl4 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fincl5 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_fincl6 char*34(1000) clm_inparm
hist_mfilt integer(6) clm_inparm
hist_ndens integer(6) clm_inparm
hist_nhtfrq integer(6) clm_inparm
hist_type1d_pertape char*32(6) clm_inparm
nrevsn char*256 clm_inparm
nsegspc integer clm_inparm
outnc_large_files logical clm_inparm
rest_flag logical clm_inparm
rpntpath char*256 clm_inparm
rtm_nsteps integer clm_inparm
sim_year char*9 camexp
urban_hac char*16 clm_inparm
urban_traffic logical clm_inparm
wrtdia logical clm_inparm