Community Terrestrial Systems Model (CTSM) Tutorial

May. 25-26, 2022

9:00am-12:00pm MT


We are offering a mini-tutorial on the Community Terrestrial Systems Model (CTSM) May 25-26, 2022, to be held virtually from 9-12 MDT. Each day of the tutorial will begin with an overview lecture, a brief orientation lecture, and a hands-on practical session.

The practical sessions will be held in the cloud, using capabilities of CESM-Lab*. These hands-on tutorials will introduce users to the CTSM workflow, which includes model configuration, simulation, and analysis. They will focus on global scale and single point simulations (using NEON tower observations), with examples that use both the standard configuration of CTSM as well as simulations using CTSM-FATES.

CTSM scientists and software engineers will be on hand to assist workshop participants and answer questions about the science of the model and technical aspects of conducting model experiments and model development.

*CESM-Lab (CESM+JupyterLab) provides easy to use container-based environments for running reproducible CESM experiments.

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Will Wieder


Danica Lombardozzi


Elizabeth Faircloth


Adrianna Foster


Negin Sobhani


Brian Dobbins



Elizabeth Faircloth

Meeting Coordinator

Ryan Johnson

Software Engineer