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Experiment Series b040

Active Models: all
Data Set Models: none

When run: May/June 1999

Models used:

  • atm: CCM3: ccm3_6_13_brnchT_scycRad1_10/src
  • lnd: LSM1: ccm3_6_13_brnchT_scycRad1_10/src/lnd
  • ice: the NCAR CSM Sea Ice Model (CSIM), CSIM3.beta01
  • ocn: the NCAR CSM Ocean Model (NCOM), NCOM1.5 + mods
  • cpl: the NCAR CSM Flux Coupler, cpl4.0.3 - branch: newice1.1

    This case was a standard fully coupled run, testing new ocn & ice features. The ocn and ice were run at the "NCOM 2x2'" resolution (nominal 2 degree), while the atm and lnd models were run at T42. New in the ocn model is a new bottom boundary layer (BBL) and the "x2'" resolution (compared to the "x2" resolution it has higher resolution near the equator) New in the ice model is a viscous/plastic ice dynamics and an ocn/ice stress calculation internal to the ice model.

    Computer Resources:
    This run was done on a 128 processor SGI Origin 2000 ("ute" at NCAR), using 64 of the processors.

    Table of b040.nn runs:

    Date Case Description Start/End Owner
    b040 fully active CSM, atm & lnd at T42, ocn & ice at 2x2'
    May/June 1999 b040.01 drv: cpl4.0.3_brnch_newice1.1
    atm: CCM3: ccm3_6_13_brnchT_scycRad1_10/src
    lnd: LSM: ccm3_6_13_brnchT_scycRad1_10/src
    ice: csim3.beta01
    ocn: ncom1.5 v99_04_29
    MS dir: /KAUFF/csm/g030.xx/[cpl,ice,ocn,log]/*
    NQS dir: /fs/cgd/home0/kauff/csm/nqs/b040.01
  • IC data for ocn & ice: b030.01, 1 Jan 0020
  • IC data for atm & lnd: f040.01, 1 Jan 0001
  • lnd sends, ocn receives & uses runoff data
  • cpl does not force a balance between evap & precip
  • new BBL in ocn
  • new higher resolution x2' in ocn
  • viscous/plastic ice dynamics
  • ice model computes ice/ocn stress (not cpl)
  • 0000-01-01
    B. Kauffman