Meso- to Planetary- Scale

A Global Ultra-High Resolution Model

This ultra-high resolution global model shows developing weather patterns in rich detail, and helps researchers understand the effect of smaller, more localized weather on the dynamics of climate at the planetary scale.

Aims: To investigate influence of small (mesoscale) features in ocean, ice & atmosphere on basin and planetary scale climate. Utilize the Community Earth System Model (CESM) at high-resolution.

Animation: Global precipitation and sea surface temperature, daily, from a typical model year and from a (randomly chosen) year (2004) of observational datasets.

Features to note

  • Tropical cyclones in Indian Ocean and western Pacific
  • More hurricanes in the observed record for Atlantic than model (2004 was active year)
  • Cool wake of ocean temperature after tropical cyclones pass (seen as yellow streak)
  • Active weather fronts in mid-latitude northern and southern hemispheres


Climate Science: Justin Small, Julio Bacmeister, David Bailey, Frank Bryan, Julie Caron, David Lawrence, Bob Tomas, Joe Tribbia

Computation: Allison Baker, John Dennis, Jim Edwards, Andy Mai, Mariana Vertenstein

Visualization: Tim Scheitlin, Allison Baker

Visualization Software: The NCAR Command Language (Version 6.1.1) [Software]. (2013). Boulder, Colorado: UCAR/NCAR/CISL/VETS.