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User's Guide to NCAR CAM2.0

Table of Contents

User's Guide to NCAR CAM2.0

User's Guide to NCAR CAM2.0


Table of Contents

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1. Introduction

    1.1 What is new with CAM2.0

    1.2 Quick Start

    1.3 Troubleshooting Guide
        1.3.1 Platforms Supported for CAM2.0
        1.3.2 Known problems
        1.3.3 General
        1.3.4 How to increase the stacksize on different platforms
        1.3.5 General problems on different platforms

2. Using CAM2.0

    2.1 How to Build and Run CAM2.0
        2.1.1 Directory Hierarchy
        2.1.2 Using the Build/Run Scripts in the "bld" Directory
   The configure utility
   The build-namelist utility
   Example run scripts
        2.1.3 Running CAM as part of the CCSM coupled model system

    2.2 Model Input Variables

    2.3 Model Input Datasets
        2.3.1 Atmosphere Component Datasets
   Initial Conditions Dataset
   Ozone Dataset
   Water Vapor Absorptivity/Emissivity Dataset
        2.3.2 Ocean Component Datasets
        2.3.3 Sea-Ice Component Datasets
        2.3.4 Land Component Datasets

    2.4 Example Namelists
        2.4.1 Example 1 -- T42 One Day Initial Run
        2.4.2 Example 2 -- T21 One Day Initial Run
        2.4.3 Example 3 -- Restart Run
        2.4.4 Example 4 -- T42 Paleo Run
        2.4.5 Example 5 -- Branch Run
        2.4.5 Example 6 -- History File Specifications
        2.4.7 Example 7 -- Multiyear SST Dataset Run
        2.4.8 Example 8 -- Debugging Run
        2.4.9 Example 9 -- Reproducing the control simulaton

    2.5 Model Output Datasets
        2.5.1 Model History Files
   Master Field List
   Changing characteristics of default output fields
   History Files 2 through 6
   Model generated initial condition dataset files
   Naming the History Files
        2.5.2 Restart Datasets
        2.5.3. Mass Store Archiving.

    2.6 Model Vertical Coordinate

    2.7 Getting Help
        2.7.1 The CAM Web Page
        2.7.2 The cam-users e-mail Group

3. Simple Code Modifications

    3.1 Using the Scripts with Modified Code

    3.2 Adding New Output Variables

    3.3 Trouble-Shooting Model Changes
        3.3.1 Resource Allocation Errors
        3.3.2 Coding Errors


Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Details of configuration files

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