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CCSM3.0 Coupler v6.0 Documentation



The CCSM coupler, version 6.0 (cpl6), was released in June 2004 as part of the CCSM3.0 release.


NOTE: Coupler documentation is still in development. New material will be added in the coming weeks. Check back here for updates or subscribe to the ccsm-users mailing list.

Information on libraries used by cpl6:

What is a "coupler"?

box diagramCCSM coupled model is based on a framework which divides the complete climate system into component models connected by a coupler. This design requires four component models -- atmosphere, sea-ice, land, and ocean -- each connected to the coupler, and each exchanging data with the coupler only. This "hub-and-spoke" method of building a coupled model is pictured at the right.

The CCSM is not a particular climate model, but a framework for building and testing various climate model configurations for various applications. This CCSM distribution contains several active and data models which can be combined into different coupled models. The one constant in this multi-model system is the Coupler.

The Coupler hub has several key functions within the CCSM framework: