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CCSM3.0 CSIM 5.0 Documentation



The Community Sea Ice Model, CSIM 5.0, was released in June 23, 2004 as part of the CCSM3.0 release.


What is CSIM5?

CSIM5 is the latest version of the NCAR Community Sea Ice Model. It is the result of a community effort to develop a portable, efficient sea ice model that can be run coupled in a global climate model or uncoupled as a stand-alone ice model. CSIM5 is supported on high- and low-resolution Greenland Pole grids, which are identical to those used by the Parallel Ocean Program (POP) ocean model.

An uncoupled version of CSIM5 is available. It provides a means of running the sea ice model independent of the other CCSM components. The physics in the uncoupled ice model are identical to those in the ice model used in the fully coupled system. CSIM is a dynamic-thermodynamic model that includes a subgrid-scale ice thickness distribution, energy conserving thermodynamics, and elastic-viscous-plastic (EVP) dynamics.