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4.3 Writing Output

The namelist variables that control the frequency of the model diagnostics, netCDF history files, and binary restart files are shown in Table 5. By default, diagnostics are written out once every 24 timesteps to the ascii file ice.log.$LID (see section 8.1). $LID is a time stamp that is set in the main script.

histfreq controls the output frequency of the netCDF history files; writing monthly averages is the default. The content of the history files is described in section 8.3. The value of hist_avg determines if instantaneous or averaged variables are written at the frequency set by histfreq. If histfreq is set to '1' for instantaneous output, hist_avg is set to .false. within the source code to avoid conflicts. dumpfreq and dumpfreq_n control the output frequency of the binary restart files; writing one restart file per year is the default.

If print_points is .true., diagnostic data is printed out for two grid points, one near the north pole and one near the Weddell Sea. The points are set at the top of ice_diagnostics.F. This option can be helpful for debugging.

Table 6: Namelist Variables for Model Physics
Varible Name Type Default Value Description
restart Logical .false. If true, model is initialized using a restart file, if false, model is initialized using initial conditions in ice_init.F.
kcolumn Integer 0 Column model flag.
      0 = off
      1 = column model (not tested or supported)
kitd Integer 1 Determines ITD conversion
      0 = delta scheme
      1 = linear remapping
kdyn Integer 1 Determines ice dynamics
      0 = No ice dynamics
      1 = Elastic viscous plastic dynamics
kstrength Integer 1 Determines pressure formulation
      0 = (Hibler(1979)) parameterization
      1 = (Rothrock(1975)) parameterization
evp_damping Logical .false. If true, use damping procedure in evp dynamics (not supported).
snow_into_ocn Logical .true. If true, snow on ridged ice falls into ocean.
advection Character 'remap' Determines horizontal advection scheme.
      'remap' = incremental remapping
      'mpdata2' = second order advection
      'upwind' = first order advection
grid_type Character 'displaced_pole' Determines grid type.
      'displaced_pole' or 'rectangular' (not supported)
albicev Double 0.73 Visible ice albedo
albicei Double 0.33 Near-infrared ice albedo
albsnowv Double 0.96 Visible snow albedo
albsnowi Double 0.68 Near-infrared snow albedo
no_ice_ic Logical .false. Initializes ice model with no ice

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