Taking a run over from another user

If you ever a need to take over a production run from another user, follow this procedure:

  1. Create a clone of the production case. The case name needs to be the same, but the new filepath needs to be different.

> $CCSMROOT/scripts/create_clone -clone $CASEROOT -case $NEWCASEROOT
  2. Configure the case for the new user:

    > configure -case
  3. Rebuild for the new user:

> ./$CASE.$MACH.build
  4. Copy the restart and rpointer files from the original run directory:

    > cp $CASEROOT/run/rpointer* $NEWCASEROOT/run/.
  5. Copy the archive directory contents:

> cp $ORIGDIR/archive/$CASE $NEWDIR/archive/$CASE
  6. Submit the run:

> bsub < $CASE.$MACH.run

Here is an example:

> $CCSMROOT/scripts/create_clone -clone /user/b40.1850 -case /newuser/b40.B2000
> cd /newuser/b40.B2000
> configure -case
> ./b40.B2000.bluefire.build
> cp /user/b40.B2000/run/b40.B2000* /newuser/b40.B2000/run/.
> cp /user/b40.B2000/run/rpointer* /newuser/b40.B2000/run/.
> cp -r /ptmp/user/archive/b40.B2000/* /ptmp/newuser/archive/b40.B2000/.
> bsub < b40.B2000.bluefire.run