CPL7 User's Guide

Tony Craig


Table of Contents
1. CPL7 Introduction
How to Use This Guide
2. CPL7 User Guide
General Overview
Design Discussion
Sequencing and Concurrency
Component Interfaces
MCT, The Model Coupling Toolkit
Memory, Parallel IO, and Performance
3. CPL7 Implementation
Time Management
Driver Clocks
The Driver Time Loop
Coupling Frequency
Standard Grid Configurations
Trigrid Configurations
Domain Checking
Mapping (Interpolation)
Area Correction of Fluxes
MCT and ESMF Coupling Interfaces
Driver Threading Control
The bit-for-bit (BFB) Flag
History and Restart Files
Budget Setup and Computation
4. CPL7 Namelist
Namelist Overview
cpl_modelio.nml Input File
modelio namelist
drv_in Input File
seq_infodata_inparm namelist
seq_timemgr_inparm namelist
ccsm_pes namelist
prof_inparm namelist
pio_inparm namelist
seq_maps.rc Input File
seq_maps input variables