User's Guide to the Community Atmosphere Model CAM-5.1.1

Brian Eaton


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Changes from previous release
Getting Help -- Other User Resources
The CAM Web Page
The CAM Bulletin Board
Reporting bugs
2. Building and Running CAM
Sample Interactive Session
Configuring CAM for serial execution
Specifying the Fortran compiler
Configuring CAM for parallel execution
Building CAM
Building the Namelist
Acquiring Input Datasets
Running CAM
Sample Run Scripts
Running CAM via the CESM scripts
3. Model Output
Model History Files
Fields Output to History Files
A. The configure utility
How configure is called from the CESM scripts
Options to configure
CAM configuration
SCAM configuration
CAM parallelization
CICE decomposition
General options
Surface components
CAM standalone build
Environment variables recognized by configure
B. The build-namelist utility
Options to build-namelist
Environment variables used by build-namelist
C. CAM Namelist Variables