Summary of Files in the Case Directory

This table summarizes the directories and files that are created by configure. For more complete information about the files in the case directory, see the Section called What are the directories and files in my case directory? in Chapter 11

Table 3-2. Result of invoking configure

File or DirectoryDescription
Buildconf/Contains scripts that generate component libraries and utility libraries (e.g., PIO, MCT) and scripts that generate component namelists.
$CASE.$ Creates the component and utility libraries and model executable (see building CESM).
$CASE.$MACH.runRuns the CESM model and performs short-term archiving of output data (see running CESM). Contains the necessary batch directives to run the model on the required machine for the requested PE layout.
$CASE.$MACH.l_archivePerforms long-term archiving of output data (see long-term archiving). This script will only be created if long-term archiving is available on the target machine.
$CASE.$MACH.clean_build Removes all object files and libraries and unlocks Macros.$MACH and env_build.xml. This step is required before a clean build of the system.
env_derivedContains environmental variables derived from other settings. Should not be modified by the user.