seq_rearr_mod.F90 File Reference

#include <mpif.h>

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module  seq_rearr_mod


subroutine seq_rearr_mod::seq_rearr_init (cdata_old, AV1_old, AV2_old, ID_old, cdata_new, AV1_new, AV2_new, ID_new, ID_join, Re_old2new, Re_new2old)
subroutine seq_rearr_mod::seq_rearr_gsmapExtend (gsmapi, mpicomi, gsmapo, mpicomo, compido)
subroutine seq_rearr_mod::seq_rearr_gsmapCreate (gsmapi, mpicomi, gsmapo, mpicomo, compido)
subroutine seq_rearr_mod::seq_rearr_avExtend (AVin, IDin, ID)
subroutine seq_rearr_mod::seq_rearr_avCreate (AVin, IDin, AVout, ID, lsize)
logical seq_rearr_mod::seq_rearr_gsmapIdentical (gsmap1, gsmap2)


logical seq_rearr_mod::usevector = .false.
logical seq_rearr_mod::usealltoall = .false.
character(*), paramete seq_rearr_mod::subName )
real(r8), parameter seq_rearr_mod::c1 = 1.0_r8
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