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module  shr_cal_mod


subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_set (ctype)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_get (ctype)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_eday2date (eday, date)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_eday2ymd (eday, year, month, day)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_date2ymd (date, year, month, day)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_date2eday (date, eday)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_date2julian (date, sec, jday)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_ymd2julian (year, month, day, sec, jday)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_ymd2date (year, month, day, date)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_ymd2eday (year, month, day, eday)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_advDate (delta, units, dateIN, secIN, dateOUT, secOUT, calendar)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_advDateInt (delta, units, dateIN, secIN, dateOUT, secOUT, calendar)
logical shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_validDate (date)
logical shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_validYMD (year, month, day)
logical shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_validHMS (hr, min, sec)
integer shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_numDaysInMonth (year, month)
integer shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_elapsDaysStrtMonth (year, month)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_setDebug (level)
subroutine shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_getDebug (level)


character(SHR_KIND_CL), save shr_cal_mod::calendar_type
integer(SHR_KIND_IN), parameter shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_nvalidTypes = 3
character(*), paramete shr_cal_mod::shr_cal_validTypes ) = (/, , /)
integer(SHR_KIND_IN), parameter shr_cal_mod::dpy = 365
dimension(12), parameter 
shr_cal_mod::dsm = (/ 0,31,59, 90,120,151, 181,212,243, 273,304,334/)
dimension(12), parameter 
shr_cal_mod::dpm = (/31,28,31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31/)
integer(SHR_KIND_IN) shr_cal_mod::debug = 0
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