shr_mct_mod.F90 File Reference

#include <>
#include <mpif.h>

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module  shr_mct_mod


subroutine shr_mct_mod::shr_mct_sMatReadnc (sMat, fileName)
subroutine shr_mct_mod::shr_mct_sMatPInitnc (sMatP, gsMapX, gsMapY, ConfigFileName, MapLabel, MapTypeLabel, mpicom, ni_i, nj_i, ni_o, nj_o, areasrc, areadst)
subroutine shr_mct_mod::shr_mct_sMatReaddnc (sMat, SgsMap, DgsMap, newdom, areasrc, areadst, fileName, mytask, mpicom, ni_i, nj_i, ni_o, nj_o)
subroutine shr_mct_mod::shr_mct_sMatWritednc (sMat, fileName, compid, mpicom)


integer, parameter shr_mct_mod::R8 = SHR_KIND_R8
integer, parameter shr_mct_mod::IN = SHR_KIND_IN
integer, parameter shr_mct_mod::CL = SHR_KIND_CL
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