shr_mpi_mod.F90 File Reference

#include <mpif.h>

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module  shr_mpi_mod


subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_chkerr (rcode, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sendi0 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sendi1 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sendr0 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sendr1 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sendr3 (array, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_recvi0 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_recvi1 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_recvr0 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_recvr1 (lvec, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_recvr3 (array, pid, tag, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcasti0 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastl0 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastc0 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastc1 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastr0 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcasti1 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastl1 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastr1 (vec, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastr2 (arr, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcasti2 (arr, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_bcastr3 (arr, comm, string, pebcast)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_gathScatvInitr1 (comm, rootid, locArr, glob1DArr, globSize, displs, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_gathervr1 (locarr, locSize, glob1DArr, globSize, displs, rootid, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_scattervr1 (locarr, locSize, glob1Darr, globSize, displs, rootid, comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumi0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumi1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumb0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumb1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumr0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumr1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumr2 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_sumr3 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_mini0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_mini1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_minr0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_minr1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_maxi0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_maxi1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_maxr0 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_maxr1 (lvec, gvec, comm, string, all)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_commsize (comm, size, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_commrank (comm, rank, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_initialized (flag, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_abort (string, rcode)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_barrier (comm, string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_init (string)
subroutine shr_mpi_mod::shr_mpi_finalize (string)
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