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module  shr_ncread_mod


logical shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_varExists (fileName, varName)
logical shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_attExists (fileName, varName, attName)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_varDimNum (fileName, varName, ns, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_varDimSizeName (fileName, varName, dimName, ns, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_varDimSizeID (fileName, varName, dnum, ns, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_varDimSizes (fileName, varName, n1, n2, n3, n4, n5, n6, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_dimSizeName (fileName, dimName, ns, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_attribute (fn, vName, aName, attrib, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_tCoordRC (fn, tName, tvar, units, calendar, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_tCoordII (fn, tName, dates, secs, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_domain (fn, lonName, lon, latName, lat, maskName, mask, areaName, area, fracName, frac, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_tField2dR8 (fn, tIndex, fldName, fld, dim1, dim2, tName, fidi, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_tField1dR8 (fn, tIndex, fldName, fld, dim1, tName, fidi, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_tField2dIN (fn, tIndex, fldName, fld, dim1, dim2, tName, fidi, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_tField1dIN (fn, tIndex, fldName, fld, dim1, tName, fidi, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_field4dG (fn, fldName, rfld, ifld, dim1, dim1i, dim2, dim2i, dim3, dim3i, dim4, dim4i, dim5, dim5i, dim6, dim6i, fidi, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_open (fileName, fid, rCode)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_attrbs (fid, vn)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_close (fid, rCode)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_print (fileName, rc)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_handleErr (rCode, str)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_setAbort (flag)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_setDebug (iflag)
subroutine shr_ncread_mod::shr_ncread_abort (string)


logical, save shr_ncread_mod::doabort = .true.
integer(SHR_KIND_IN), save shr_ncread_mod::debug = 0
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