shr_pcdf_mod.F90 File Reference

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module  shr_pcdf_mod


subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_readwrite (type, filename, mpicom, gsmap, dof, clobber, cdf64, id1, id1n, rs1, rs1n, is1, is1n, rf1, rf1n, if1, if1n, av1, av1n, id2, id2n, rs2, rs2n, is2, is2n, rf2, rf2n, if2, if2n, av2, av2n, id3, id3n, rs3, rs3n, is3, is3n, rf3, rf3n, if3, if3n, av3, av3n, id4, id4n, rs4, rs4n, is4, is4n, rf4, rf4n, if4, if4n, av4, av4n)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_defvar0d (fid, fname, vtype)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_defvar1d (fid, fname, vtype, dimid)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_readr1d (fid, fname, iodesc, r1d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_writer1d (fid, fname, iodesc, r1d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_readi1d (fid, fname, iodesc, i1d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_writei1d (fid, fname, iodesc, i1d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_readr0d (fid, fname, r0d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_writer0d (fid, fname, r0d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_readi0d (fid, fname, i0d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_writei0d (fid, fname, i0d)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_readdim (fid, fname, dim)
subroutine shr_pcdf_mod::shr_pcdf_writedim (fid, fname, dim)


character(len=*), paramete shr_pcdf_mod::version )
real(r8), parameter shr_pcdf_mod::fillvalue = SHR_CONST_SPVAL
integer(in), parameter shr_pcdf_mod::ifillvalue = -999999
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