shr_tInterp_mod.F90 File Reference

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module  shr_tInterp_mod


subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_getFactors (D1, S1, D2, S2, Din, Sin, f1, f2, algo, rc)
subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_getAvgCosz (tavCosz, lonr, latr, ymd1, tod1, ymd2, tod2, eccen, mvelpp, lambm0, obliqr, dt)
subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_getCosz (cosz, lonr, latr, ymd, tod, eccen, mvelpp, lambm0, obliqr)
subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_setAbort (flag)
subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_abort (string)
subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_getDebug (level)
subroutine shr_tInterp_mod::shr_tInterp_setDebug (iflag)


real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter shr_tInterp_mod::c0 = 0.0_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter shr_tInterp_mod::c1 = 1.0_SHR_KIND_R8
real(SHR_KIND_R8), parameter shr_tInterp_mod::eps = 1.0E-12_SHR_KIND_R8
logical, save shr_tInterp_mod::doabort = .true.
integer, save shr_tInterp_mod::debug = 0
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