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Example 2: History File Namelist

The second namelist controls what variables are written to the history file. By default, all files are written to the history file. Variables that are not output are set in the namelist icefields_nml. Some of the following fields are not written to the history file since they can be retrieved from the ocean history files. The melt and freeze onset fields are not used, since the information they contain may not be correct if the model is restarted mid-year. The ice areas and volumes for categories six through ten are not used, since the default thickness distribution consists of five ice categories.

 f_aero         = 'mxxxx' 
 f_aicen                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_aisnap               = 'mdxxx'
 f_apondn               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_congel               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_daidtd               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_daidtt               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_divu         = 'mxxxx' 
 f_dvidtd               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_dvidtt               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_faero_atm            = 'mxxxx' 
 f_faero_ocn            = 'mxxxx' 
 f_fhocn                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_fhocn_ai             = 'mxxxx' 
 f_frazil               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_fresh                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_fresh_ai             = 'mxxxx' 
 f_frz_onset            = 'xxxxx'
 f_frzmlt               = 'xxxxx'
 f_fsalt                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_fsalt_ai             = 'mxxxx' 
 f_fy           = 'mdxxx'
 f_hisnap               = 'mdxxx'
 f_icepresent           = 'mxxxx'
 f_meltb                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_meltl                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_meltt                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_mlt_onset            = 'xxxxx'
 f_opening              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_shear                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_sig1         = 'mxxxx' 
 f_sig2         = 'mxxxx' 
 f_snoice               = 'mxxxx' 
 f_sss          = 'xxxxx'
 f_sst          = 'xxxxx'
 f_strairx              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strairy              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strcorx              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strcory              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strength             = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strintx              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strinty              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strocnx              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strocny              = 'mxxxx' 
 f_strtltx              = 'xxxxx'
 f_strtlty              = 'xxxxx'
 f_uocn         = 'xxxxx'
 f_uvel         = 'mxxxx' 
 f_vicen                = 'mxxxx' 
 f_vocn         = 'xxxxx'
 f_vvel         = 'mxxxx' 

David Bailey