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Negative Ice Area in Horizontal Remapping

This error is written from ice_transport_remap.F90 when the ice model is checking for negative ice areas. If it happens well into a model integration, it can be indicative of a CFL violation. The output looks like:

  60: New area < 0, istep = 119588
  60: (my_task,i,j,n) = 4 21 380 1
  60: Old area = 0.960675000975677174E-05
  60: New area = -0.161808948357841311E-06
  60: Net flux = -0.976855895811461324E-05
  60:(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: remap transport: negative area
  60:(shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping
  60:(shr_mpi_abort):remap transport: negative area 0

The dynamics timestep should be reduced to integrate past this problem. Set

 , xndt_dyn = 2

in the namelist and restart the model. When the job completes set the value back to 1.

David Bailey