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Conservation Error

This error is written from ice_itd.F when the ice model is checking that initial and final values of a conserved field are equal to within a small value. The output looks like:

  Conservation error: vice, add_new_ice
  11  :  14  185
  Initial value =  1362442.600400560
  Final value =  1362442.600400561
  Difference =  2.328306436538696D-10
  (shr_sys_abort) ERROR: ice: Conservation error
  (shr_sys_abort) WARNING: calling shr_mpi_abort() and stopping
  (shr_mpi_abort):ice: Conservation error  0

Non-conservation can occur if the ice model is receiving very bad forcing, and is not able to deal with it. This has occurred after a CFL violation in the ocean. The timestep in the ocean may be decreased to get around the problem.

David Bailey