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iniTimeConst (Source File: iniTimeConst.F90)


 subroutine iniTimeConst

Initialize time invariant clm variables 1) removed references to shallow lake - since it is not used 2) ***Make chave lake or soil 3) rootfr only initialized for soil points


   use shr_kind_mod, only : r8 => shr_kind_r8
   use nanMod      , only : nan
   use clmtype
   use decompMod   , only : get_proc_bounds, get_proc_global
   use decompMod   , only : gsMap_lnd_gdc2glo
   use clm_atmlnd  , only : clm_a2l
   use clm_varpar  , only : nlevsoi, nlevgrnd, nlevlak, lsmlon, lsmlat, numpft, numrad, nlevurb
   use clm_varcon  , only : istice, istdlak, istwet, isturb, istice_mec,  &
                            icol_roof, icol_sunwall, icol_shadewall, icol_road_perv, icol_road_imperv, &
                            zlak, dzlak, zsoi, dzsoi, zisoi, spval, &
                            albsat, albdry, secspday
   use clm_varctl  , only : fsurdat,scmlon,scmlat,single_column
   use clm_varctl  , only : iulog
   use pftvarcon   , only : noveg, ntree, roota_par, rootb_par,  &
                            smpso, smpsc, fnitr, nbrdlf_dcd_brl_shrub, &
                            z0mr, displar, dleaf, rhol, rhos, taul, taus, xl, &
                            qe25, mp, c3psn, slatop, dsladlai, leafcn, flnr, woody, &
                            lflitcn, frootcn, livewdcn, deadwdcn, froot_leaf, stem_leaf, croot_stem, &
                            flivewd, fcur, lf_flab, lf_fcel, lf_flig, fr_flab, fr_fcel, fr_flig, &
                            leaf_long, evergreen, stress_decid, season_decid, &
                            resist, pftpar20, pftpar28, pftpar29, pftpar30, pftpar31, &
                            allom1s, allom2s, &
                            allom1 , allom2 , allom3  , reinickerp, dwood
   use pftvarcon       , only : graincn
   use clm_time_manager, only : get_step_size
   use abortutils      , only : endrun
   use fileutils       , only : getfil
   use organicFileMod  , only : organicrd 
   use spmdMod         , only : mpicom, MPI_INTEGER, masterproc
   use clm_varctl      , only : fsnowoptics, fsnowaging
   use SNICARMod       , only : SnowAge_init, SnowOptics_init
   use shr_scam_mod    , only : shr_scam_getCloseLatLon
   use ncdio_pio
   implicit none
   subroutine initialize in module initializeMod.
   Created by Gordon Bonan.
   Updated to clm2.1 data structrues by Mariana Vertenstein
   4/26/05, Peter Thornton: Eliminated exponential decrease in saturated hydraulic
     conductivity (hksat) with depth. 
   Updated: Colette L. Heald (05/06) reading in VOC emission factors
   27 February 2008: Keith Oleson; Qing Liu (2004) saturated hydraulic conductivity 
   and matric potential
   29 February 2008: David Lawrence; modified soil thermal and hydraulic properties to
   account for organic matter
   18 March 2008: David Lawrence; nlevgrnd changes
   03/28/08 Mark Flanner, read in netcdf files for SNICAR parameters
   local pointers to implicit in arguments
   integer , pointer :: ivt(:)             !  vegetation type index
   integer , pointer :: pcolumn(:)         ! column index of corresponding pft
   integer , pointer :: pgridcell(:)       ! gridcell index of corresponding pft
   integer , pointer :: clandunit(:)       ! landunit index of column
   integer , pointer :: cgridcell(:)       ! gridcell index of column
   integer , pointer :: ctype(:)           ! column type index
   integer , pointer :: ltype(:)           ! landunit type index
   real(r8), pointer :: thick_wall(:)      ! total thickness of urban wall
   real(r8), pointer :: thick_roof(:)      ! total thickness of urban roof
   real(r8), pointer :: lat(:)             ! gridcell latitude (radians)
   local pointers to implicit out arguments
   real(r8), pointer :: z(:,:)             ! layer depth (m)
   real(r8), pointer :: zi(:,:)            ! interface level below a "z" level (m)
   real(r8), pointer :: dz(:,:)            ! layer thickness depth (m)
   real(r8), pointer :: rootfr(:,:)        ! fraction of roots in each soil layer
   real(r8), pointer :: rootfr_road_perv(:,:) ! fraction of roots in each soil layer for urban pervious road
   real(r8), pointer :: rresis(:,:)        !root resistance by layer (0-1)  (nlevgrnd)	
   real(r8), pointer :: dewmx(:)           ! maximum allowed dew [mm]
   real(r8), pointer :: bsw(:,:)           ! Clapp and Hornberger "b" (nlevgrnd)  
   real(r8), pointer :: bsw2(:,:)          ! Clapp and Hornberger "b" for CN code
   real(r8), pointer :: psisat(:,:)        ! soil water potential at saturation for CN code (MPa)
   real(r8), pointer :: vwcsat(:,:)        ! volumetric water content at saturation for CN code (m3/m3)
   real(r8), pointer :: watsat(:,:)        ! volumetric soil water at saturation (porosity) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: watfc(:,:)         ! volumetric soil water at field capacity (nlevsoi)
   real(r8), pointer :: watdry(:,:)        ! btran parameter for btran=0
   real(r8), pointer :: watopt(:,:)        ! btran parameter for btran = 1
   real(r8), pointer :: hksat(:,:)         ! hydraulic conductivity at saturation (mm H2O /s) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: sucsat(:,:)        ! minimum soil suction (mm) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: csol(:,:)          ! heat capacity, soil solids (J/m**3/Kelvin) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: tkmg(:,:)          ! thermal conductivity, soil minerals  [W/m-K] (new) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: tkdry(:,:)         ! thermal conductivity, dry soil (W/m/Kelvin) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: tksatu(:,:)        ! thermal conductivity, saturated soil [W/m-K] (new) (nlevgrnd) 
   real(r8), pointer :: wtfact(:)          ! maximum saturated fraction for a gridcell
   real(r8), pointer :: smpmin(:)          ! restriction for min of soil potential (mm) (new)
   real(r8), pointer :: hkdepth(:)         ! decay factor (m)
   integer , pointer :: isoicol(:)         ! soil color class
   real(r8), pointer :: gwc_thr(:)         ! threshold soil moisture based on clay content
   real(r8), pointer :: mss_frc_cly_vld(:) ! [frc] Mass fraction clay limited to 0.20
   real(r8), pointer :: efisop(:,:)        ! emission factors for isoprene (ug isoprene m-2 h-1)
   real(r8), pointer :: max_dayl(:)        ! maximum daylength (s)
   real(r8), pointer :: sandfrac(:)
   real(r8), pointer :: clayfrac(:)

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15