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pftdyn_interp (Source File: pftdynMod.F90)


   subroutine pftdyn_interp()

Time interpolate dynamic landuse data to get pft weights for model time Note that harvest data are stored as rates (not weights) and so time interpolation is not necessary - the harvest rate is held constant through the year. This is consistent with the treatment of changing PFT weights, where interpolation of the annual endpoint weights leads to a constant rate of change in PFT weight through the year, with abrupt changes in the rate at annual boundaries. This routine is still used to get the next harvest time slice, when needed. This routine is also used to turn off the harvest switch when the model year runs past the end of the dynpft time series.


     use clm_time_manager, only : get_curr_date, get_curr_calday, &
     use clm_varcon      , only : istsoil
     use clm_varcon      , only : istcrop
     use clm_varpar      , only : numpft
     implicit none

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15