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   subroutine initialize1( )

Land model initialization. o Initializes run control variables via the [clm_inparm] namelist. o Reads surface data on model grid. o Defines the multiple plant types and fraction areas for each surface type. o Builds the appropriate subgrid <-> grid mapping indices and weights. o Set up parallel processing. o Initializes time constant variables. o Reads restart data for a restart or branch run. o Reads initial data and initializes the time variant variables for an initial run. o Initializes history file output. o Initializes river routing model. o Initializes accumulation variables.


     use clm_varpar   , only : lsmlon, lsmlat, maxpatch, clm_varpar_init
     use pftvarcon    , only : pftconrd
     use decompInitMod, only : decompInit_atm, decompInit_lnd, decompInit_glcp
     use decompMod    , only : adecomp,ldecomp
     use decompMod    , only : get_proc_clumps, get_clump_bounds, &
                               get_proc_bounds, get_proc_bounds_atm
     use domainMod    , only : domain_check
     use domainMod    , only : adomain,ldomain
     use domainMod    , only : alatlon,llatlon,gatm,amask,pftm
     use domainMod    , only : latlon_check, latlon_setsame
     use surfrdMod    , only : surfrd,surfrd_get_grid,surfrd_get_frac,&
                               surfrd_get_topo, surfrd_get_latlon
     use clm_varctl   , only : fsurdat, fatmgrid, fatmlndfrc, &
                               fatmtopo, flndtopo, noland, downscale, fglcmask
     use controlMod   , only : control_init, control_print, nlfilename
     use UrbanInputMod, only : UrbanInput
     use ncdio_pio    , only : ncd_pio_init
     use downscaleMod , only : map_setgatmfm
   Created by Gordon Bonan, Sam Levis and Mariana Vertenstein

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15