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 subroutine CNMResp(lbc, ubc, num_soilc, filter_soilc, num_soilp, filter_soilp)


    use clmtype
    use pftvarcon    , only : npcropmin
    implicit none
    integer, intent(in) :: lbc, ubc                    ! column-index bounds
    integer, intent(in) :: num_soilc                 ! number of soil points in column filter
    integer, intent(in) :: filter_soilc(:)   ! column filter for soil points
    integer, intent(in) :: num_soilp                 ! number of soil points in pft filter
    integer, intent(in) :: filter_soilp(:)   ! pft filter for soil points
   subroutine CNEcosystemDyn in module CNEcosystemDynMod.F90
   8/14/03: Created by Peter Thornton
   local pointers to implicit in arrays
    ! column level
    real(r8), pointer :: t_soisno(:,:) ! soil temperature (Kelvin)  (-nlevsno+1:nlevgrnd)
    ! pft level
    real(r8), pointer :: t_ref2m(:)    ! 2 m height surface air temperature (Kelvin)
    real(r8), pointer :: leafn(:)      ! (gN/m2) leaf N
    real(r8), pointer :: frootn(:)     ! (gN/m2) fine root N
    real(r8), pointer :: livestemn(:)  ! (gN/m2) live stem N
    real(r8), pointer :: livecrootn(:) ! (gN/m2) live coarse root N
    real(r8), pointer :: rootfr(:,:)   ! fraction of roots in each soil layer  (nlevgrnd)
    integer , pointer :: ivt(:)        ! pft vegetation type
    integer , pointer :: pcolumn(:)    ! index into column level quantities
    integer , pointer :: plandunit(:)  ! index into landunit level quantities
    integer , pointer :: clandunit(:)  ! index into landunit level quantities
    integer , pointer :: itypelun(:)   ! landunit type
    ! ecophysiological constants
    real(r8), pointer :: woody(:)      ! binary flag for woody lifeform (1=woody, 0=not woody)
    logical , pointer :: croplive(:)   ! Flag, true if planted, not harvested
   local pointers to implicit in/out arrays
    ! pft level
    real(r8), pointer :: leaf_mr(:)
    real(r8), pointer :: froot_mr(:)
    real(r8), pointer :: livestem_mr(:)
    real(r8), pointer :: livecroot_mr(:)
    integer :: c,p,j          ! indices
    integer :: fp             ! soil filter pft index
    integer :: fc             ! soil filter column index
    real(r8):: mr             ! maintenance respiration (gC/m2/s)
    real(r8):: br             ! base rate (gC/gN/s)
    real(r8):: q10            ! temperature dependence
    real(r8):: tc             ! temperature correction, 2m air temp (unitless)
    real(r8):: tcsoi(lbc:ubc,nlevgrnd) ! temperature correction by soil layer (unitless)

Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15