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Fortran: Module Interface accumulMod (Source File: accumulMod.F90)

This module contains generic subroutines that can be used to define, accumulate and extract user-specified fields over user-defined intervals. Each interval and accumulation type is unique to each field processed. Subroutine [init_accumulator] defines the values of the accumulated field data structure. Subroutine [update_accum_field] does the actual accumulation for a given field. Four types of accumulations are possible: - Average over time interval. Time average fields are only valid at the end of the averaging interval. - Running mean over time interval. Running means are valid once the length of the simulation exceeds the - Running accumulation over time interval. Accumulated fields are continuously accumulated. The trigger value "-99999." resets the accumulation to zero.


   use shr_kind_mod, only: r8 => shr_kind_r8
   use abortutils  , only: endrun
   use clm_varctl  , only: iulog
   use nanMod      , only: bigint
   implicit none
   public :: accumulRest          ! Write/read restart of accumulation fields
   public :: init_accum_field     ! Initialize an accumulator field
   public :: print_accum_fields   ! Print info about accumulator fields
   public :: extract_accum_field  ! Extracts the current value of an accumulator field
   public :: update_accum_field   ! Update the current value of an accumulator field
   interface extract_accum_field
      module procedure extract_accum_field_sl ! Extract current val of single-level accumulator field
      module procedure extract_accum_field_ml ! Extract current val of multi-level accumulator field
   end interface
   interface update_accum_field               ! Updates the current value of an accumulator field
      module procedure update_accum_field_sl  ! Update single-level accumulator field
      module procedure update_accum_field_ml  ! Update multi-level accumulator field
   end interface
   Created by Sam Levis
   Updated to clm2.1 data structures by Mariana Vertenstein
   Updated to include all subgrid type and multilevel fields, M. Vertenstein 03/2003


Erik Kluzek 2011-06-15