Appendix B. Using the Script runinit_ibm.csh to both Run CLM and Interpolate Datasets

The script runinit_ibm.csh can be used on the NCAR bluefire machine to run CLM to create a template file and then run interpinic and do this over a variety of standard resolutions. By default it is setup to loop over the following resolutions:

foreach res ( "1.9x2.5" "10x15" "4x5" "0.9x1.25" "2.5x3.33" "0.47x0.63" "48x96" )
It is also only setup to run CLMCN and only particular masks for each resolution. But, the script can be modified by the user to run over whatever list you would like it to. It is also hooked up to the build-namelist XML database, so will only use the datasets that are part of the database, see Chapter 3 to see how to add files to the database. The script runs CLM only using OpenMP threading and as such can be run interactively, but it can also be submitted to the batch que.