Appendix D. Building the Users-Guide Documentation for CLM

All of the documentation for CLM can be built using GNU Makefiles that are available in the appropriate directories. The Makefiles require the following utilities: docbook2html, docbook2pdf, protex, and latex2html.

To build the Users Guide for CLM (requires docbook).

> cd models/lnd/clm/doc/UsersGuide
> gmake
Note, that when the Users-Guide is built it will get output from other CLM utilities that by nature abort, and hence stop the make from continuing. However, this is expected so you should simply run gmake again until it either completes or comes upon a legitimate issue. Here is what a sample warning looks like when gmake is run.

The following line will fail in the make as it calls die -- but that is expected
Check that the output config_help.tlog is good and redo your make
../../bld/configure -help >&` config_help.tlog
make: *** [config_help.tlog] Error 255
To build the Code Reference Guide for CLM (requires protex and latex2html). The make here uses a Filepath file that points to the list of directories that you want protex to run over. You should examine this file and make sure it is appropriate for what you need to do, before running the make.

> cd models/lnd/clm/doc/CodeReference
> gmake
To build the table of tests for the CLM test suite. The make here runs a UNIX shell script to create a html table of the list of tests run on the different machines from the CLM test suite.

> cd models/lnd/clm/test/system
> gmake