What are the UNIX utilities required to use CLM?

Running the CLM requires a suite of UNIX utilities and programs and you should make sure you have all of these available before trying to go forward with using it. If you are missing one of these you should contact the systems administrator for the machine you wish to run on and make sure they are installed.

FORTRAN-90 compiler
"C" compiler
GNU make
UNIX csh and tcsh shells
UNIX sh shell
UNIX bash shell
UNIX awk
UNIX sed
NetCDF library
MPI Library
"C" pre-processor
m4 macro processor
Parallel NetCDF (optional)
NCL (for some of the offline tools for creating/modifying CLM input datasets see Chapter 2 for more information on NCL)
Python (optional, needed for PTCLM)
xsltproc, docbook and docbook utilities (optional, needed to build the Users-Guide)
protex and latex2html (optional, needed to build the Code-Reference Guide)