I want to acknowledge all of the people that helped review or edit the model documentation: David Lawrence, Samuel Levis, Keith Oleson, and Sean Swenson. Thank you for your help in catching errors, and making the document more understandable and readable. Our readers thank you as well, as now it is much easier for them to digest. Any mistakes, or errors are all mine. If you run across one of those errors, please let us know, by following the Section called Reporting bugs in CLM4 in Other resources to get help from. I also want to thank Sheri Mickelson, for her work in doing perturbation analysis on bluefire and intrepid, which was used in our initial versions of this User's Guide. We also want to thank the original authors of PTCLM: Daniel M. Ricciuto, Dali Wang, Peter E. Thornton, Wilfred M. Post, and R. Quinn Thomas for providing a nice addition to the CESM effort. We also want to thank the folks at University of Michigan Biological Stations (US-UMB) who allowed us to use their Fluxnet station data and import it into our inputdata repository, especially Gil Bohrer the PI on record for this site (see the Section called Converting AmeriFlux Data for use by PTCLM in Chapter 6 for permission information on using this data).