Testing CLM Using the CLM Stand-Alone Testing Scripts

In the models/lnd/clm/test/system directory there is a set of test scripts that is specific to stand-alone CLM. It does testing on configurations harder to test for in the CESM test scripts, and also allows you to test the CLM tools such as mkgriddata and mksurfdata. The main driver script is called test_driver.sh and it can run both interactively as well as being submitted to the batch queue. Like other scripts you can get help on it by running the "-help" option as: test_driver.sh -help. There is also a README file that gives details about environment variables that can be given to test_driver.sh to change it's operation.

To submit a suite of stand-alone tests to the batch que:

> cd models/lnd/clm/test/system
> ./test_driver.sh
You can also run tests interactively:

> cd models/lnd/clm/test/system
> ./test_driver.sh -i
The output of the help option is as follows:

ERROR: machine harmon.cgd.ucar.edu not currently supported

A table of the list of tests and the machines they are run on is available from: test_table.html