The CLM web pages

The main CLM web page contains information on the CLM, it's history, developers, as well as downloads for previous model versions. There are also documentation text files in the models/lnd/clm/doc directory that give some quick information on using CLM.

CLM web page
CLM Documentation Text Files

Also note that several of the XML database files can be viewed in a web browser to get a nice table of namelist options, namelist defaults, or compsets. Simply view them as a local file and bring up one of the following files:

models/lnd/clm/bld/namelist_files/namelist_definition.xml -- definition of CLM namelist items.
models/lnd/clm/bld/namelist_files/namelist_defaults_clm.xml -- default values for CLM namelist items.
scripts/ccsm_utils/Case.template/config_definition.xml -- definition of all env_*.xml items.
scripts/ccsm_utils/Case.template/config_compsets.xml -- definition of all the compsets.
models/lnd/clm/bld/namelist_files/history_fields.xml -- definition of CLM history fields.