Using mkdatadomain to create domain datasets for DATM or docn from CLM grid datasets

"mkdatadomain" is used to convert CLM grid and fraction datasets into domain datasets that can be used by either the "datm" or "docn" models. Most often CLM users will want to convert the grid datasets they just created using mkgriddata into domain datasets to be used by DATM for an "I" case. mkdatadomain is controlled by a namelist, and has a very straight forward operation with only four namelist items all of which are required. You specify which output mode you want "datm" or "docn", and then set the input CLM grid and frac datasets, and the output domain file.

Example 2-5. Example mkdatadomain namelist to create a domain file from CLM frac and grid data files

 dtype = "datm"
 f_fracdata = 
 f_griddata = 
 f_domain   =