____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: F_AMIP_CAM5 compset problems: can only be run for a 1.9x2.5_1.9x2.5 resolution and a problem with ocn coupling interval Date : June 16, 2010 Contact : mvertens Information: The compset F_AMIP_CAM5 only supports running at a 1.9x2.5_1.9x2.5 (or f19_f19) resolution. However, create_newcase will support generating this compset at all resolutions. This will be fixed in the next update. In addition, the ocean coupling interval is incorrect in the config_compsets.xml file. To use this compset correctly - create a file f_amip_cam5.xml with the following contents <config_compset> <compset NAME="F_AMIP_CAM5" SHORTNAME="FAMIPC5" DESC="AMIP run for CMIP5 protocol with cam5" COMP_ATM="cam" COMP_LND="clm" COMP_ICE="cice" COMP_OCN="docn" COMP_GLC="sglc" CCSM_CCOST="1" CCSM_BGC="CO2A" CAM_NML_USE_CASE="1850-2005_cam5" CAM_CONFIG_OPTS="-phys cam5" CLM_NML_USE_CASE="20thC_transient" CLM_CO2_TYPE="diagnostic" CICE_MODE="prescribed" CICE_NAMELIST_OPTS="cam5=.true." DOCN_MODE="prescribed" OCN_NCPL="$ATM_NCPL" OCN_TIGHT_COUPLING="TRUE" DOCN_SSTDATA_FILENAME="$DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/cam/sst/sst_HadOIBl_bc_1.9x2.5_1850_2008_c100127.nc" DOCN_SSTDATA_YEAR_START="1850" DOCN_SSTDATA_YEAR_END="2008" RUN_STARTDATE="1979-01-01" /> </config_compset> and invoke create_newcase with the following additional argument create_newcase -compset_file <path>/f_amip_cam5.xml where <path> is the pathname where the xml file resides.