____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Module changes needed on jaguar/jaguarpf Date : 2011-02-01 Contact : njn01 Information: =============================================================================== NOTE: As of 11 February 2011, this problem has been resolved by ORNL: "ORNL changed the defaults back to the original module version. Apparently there was something wrong with the new module." =============================================================================== Recent system changes on the ORNL jaguar and jaguarpf machines have rendered the release-model scripts obsolete on these two machines. Future releases of the CESM scripts will incorporate changes to fix the problem, but until then, users can use the following work-around strategy: New cases: 1) In your $CASE directory: add the following line to env_machine_specific: module swap xt-asyncpe xt-asyncpe/3.7 2) configure and build as usual Existing cases: 1) same as step one above 2) run the clean build script ($CASE.clean_build) 3) rebuild