____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: D, G, and I compsets have dust wet/dry deposition mislabeled for bin 4 -- no change to answers Date : 2011-06-09 Contact : erik Bug number : 1359 Information: Mark Flanner found the following error in the datm template for prescribed aerosol: Index: datm.template.streams.xml =================================================================== --- datm.template.streams.xml (revision 28874) +++ datm.template.streams.xml (working copy) @@ -1542,8 +1542,8 @@ DSTX02DD dstdry2 DSTX03WD dstwet3 DSTX03DD dstdry3 - DSTX04WD dstdry4 - DSTX04DD dstwet4 + DSTX04WD dstwet4 + DSTX04DD dstdry4 %p This is an issue with all "D", "G" and "I" compsets in cesm1_0_3. There's only one D compset: D_NORMAL_YEAR, and two G compsets: G_1850_ECOSYS, and G_NORMAL_YEAR, there's 25 "I" compsets. Mark also assures us that this has no impact on simulations: "As far as I can tell this had zero impact because CESM1 treats the dry and wet dust deposition identically in both SNICAR and the sea-ice model. I only noticed it because I recently made a change to the code that does differentiate between wet and dry dust deposition."