____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: I compsets hang at configure step with a bad user_nl_clm file that has double quotes Date : 2011-11-18 Contact : erik Bugnumber : 1425 Information: Charlie Koven found this issue.. If you have an input user_nl_clm namelist being parsed that has double quotes in it -- Namelist.pm gets in an infinite loop and hangs... So something like... hist_fincl1 = 'NET_NMIN_vr',''GROSS_NMIN_vr','POTENTIAL_IMMOB_vr','ACTUAL_IMMOB_vr','SMINN_TO_PLANT_vr' will cause configure to hang -- until you hit control-C. The work around is to give it a correct namelist without the double-quotes. But, you'll have to recognize the problem yourself.