____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: Problems compiling share code (shr_scam_mod.F90) with intel compilers Date : 2010-09-22 Contact : tcraig Information: Several users in the community have reported compilation hangs or extremely long compile times for the file shr_scam_mod.F90 in the csm_share build with various intel compilers. We believe this is a compiler problem. A short term fix is to edit models/csm_share/shr/shr_scam_mod.F90 as follows; comment out any lines associated with declaration or use of the variable SDAT. This code is only needed when running with the data ocean model in scam (single point) mode. Most users are probably not doing that. Adding a shr_sys_abort call in the appropriate location will confirm that the code is not needed at run time. The changes in models/csm_share/shr/shr_scam_mod.F90 should look something like line 280: ! type(shr_strdata_type) :: SDAT line 349+: call shr_sys_abort('shr_scam_checkSurface abort for SDAT') ! call shr_strdata_readnml(SDAT,ocn_in) ! call shr_dmodel_readgrid(SDAT%grid,SDAT%gsmap,SDAT%nxg, SDAT%nyg, & ! SDAT%domainfile, ocn_compid, ocn_mpicom, '1d', readfrac=.true., & ! scmmode=.true.,scmlon=scmlon,scmlat=scmlat) ! nfrac = mct_aVect_indexRA(SDAT%grid%data,'frac') ! if ( present(ocn_present)) ocn_present=(SDAT%grid%data%rAttr(nfrac,1).gt.0.) ! if ( present(ocn_present).and.present(ice_present)) ice_present=ocn_present ! if ( present(lnd_present)) lnd_present=(SDAT%grid%data%rAttr(nfrac,1).lt.1.) If anyone continue to have problems, please email cesm-help at cgd dot ucar dot edu to provide additional information.