____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: WACCM compsets and use of ESMF library Date : Originally reported in cesm1_0_3 2011-06-06 Contact : Francis Vitt Information: There is a known problem with following WACCM compsets when the ESMF time manager is used. The problem occurs when the solar_parms_file input file contains data for leap days (Feb 29) while the calendar is 'NOLEAP'. A work around to this problem is to use the following alternative datasets for solar_parms_file which do not contain leap days: B_1850-2000_WACCM_CN solar_parms_file = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/waccm/solar/proxy_solar_Solomon_Richmond_1845-2008_daily_noleap_c110526.nc' B_1955-2005_WACCM_CN F_1955-2005_WACCM_CN B_RCP2.6_WACCM_CN B_RCP4.5_WACCM_CN B_RCP8.5_WACCM_CN solar_parms_file = '$DIN_LOC_ROOT/atm/waccm/solar/wasolar_1948-2140_daily_noleap_c110525.nc'