____________________________________________________________________________________________ Description: exact restart test on janus (cprnc) Date : 2012-02-16 Contact : jedwards Information: There is a very minor problem on janus wrt the cprnc tool: the path is incorrectly specified. You might encounter this problem if you try to set up an exact restart test. The incorrect path for cprnc on janus is: /lustre/janus_scratch/cesm/tools/cprnc The correct path for cprnc on janus is: /lustre/janus_scratch/cesm/tools/cprnc/cprnc To correct the problem, edit your $CASE/env_run.xml file so that the variable CCSM_CPRNC is set to /lustre/janus_scratch/cesm/tools/cprnc/cprnc You do not need to rebuild anything; just submit/resubmit your job.